Neuroscientist On How To Achieve A Calm State & Rewire An Anxious Brain | Nolan Williams

Restart Your Life in 7 Days: Check out Vessi styles at Use code IMPACT for 15% off your order. Free shipping for CA, US, AU, JP, TW, KR, SGP. In today’s episode we’re digging into the real cause for depression and exploring how psychedelics and magnetic transcranial magnetic stimulation are helping to solve this problem? If anxiety and depression have become one of your biggest roadblocks and challenges stay tuned, this conversation is aimed at helping you find ways to rewire your brain and get back to chasing fulfillment. This episode revolves around the intricate relationship between the brain and mental health, emphasizing the effects of life experiences, habits, and early life events on the brain's functioning. The in-depth exploration covered novel treatment approaches and the profound importance of personal experiences, mindfulness, and the concept of self in shaping mental health. This was a deep-dive into the complex world of mental health, bridging the gap between brain science, life experiences, evolving treatments, and the transformative power of mindfulness. Nolan Williams is a neuroscientist that intertwines expert insights on cause and treatment of depression with a focus on preventive mental health approaches, brain-stimulation methods and the potential benefits of psychedelic drugs. Nolan draws the bridge between neurology and psychology. NOLAN WILLIAMS QUOTES: “Depression is now one of the four leading risk factors for having a heart attack.” “You can have physical things that happen in the heart from things that happen in the brain.” “I’m a very agnostic tool builder. I really don’t care what the social perception of the tool is, […] if it’s safe for the patient, and it’s acceptable for the patient, and it’s something I would suggest to my mother, brother, or spouse, and the risk benefit is right, then we’ll look at it.” “Depression is comorbid with almost everything, and it makes everything it touches worse.” “For a fair amount of people, the mind and self are totally fused, and I think that’s where a lot of the problems are.” Follow Nolan Williams:
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