More Plates More Dates on TRT, How to Burn Fat, Build Muscle & MAXIMIZE Your Energy

RESTART your life in 7 days: Click here to download your FREE guide to 100x YOUR EFFICIENCY IN 10 EASY STEPS: On Today's Episode: When we talk about testosterone, it’s mostly associated with men, and when it’s too low it’s a big problem for libido and physique among other things. In reality it’s an important hormone for everyone, women included, but not many women are as concerned with TRT or testosterone replacement therapy like men are. TRT and any kind of hormonal therapy is a big deal and should be approached with caution and lots of research. As a generally healthy male thinking about TRT, how much thought should you be giving to optimizing your testosterone levels over optimizing your physique for optimal health? This episode is a deep dive into the kinds of things men will want to consider when thinking about testosterone, burning fat and building muscle. It goes without saying, your quality of sleep and diet play a major role in monitoring your testosterone. While we all have an ideal body-type we think is the best, no one wants to have a stunning physique, inflated ego and testosterone so low your sex life becomes non-existent. Derek of More Plates More Dates, shares his thoughts on what you should consider doing if you want to get jacked in 18 months being natty and how to differentiate being lazy from being defeated by unrealistic expectations of what’s achievable without drug enhancements. Shawn Stevenson steps into the latter part of this episode to talk about your metabolic fingerprint and individualizing your health and diet goals in a practical way that actually works for you. Derek of More Plates More Dates hit 1 Million subscribers in less than a year of starting his YouTube channel with total dedication to all things self-improvement in the health and wellness arena for men. Shawn Stevenson is the best selling author of Eat Smarter and host of the Model Health Show where he’s talking with world-renowned experts on health, fitness, and nutrition. His personal story of overcoming severe health problems that had him chronically debilitated is remarkable and testament to how deep his knowledge and concern for real and practical health advice goes. Check out Shawn’s latest book, Eat Smarter: QUOTES: “There’s a lot of skewing of what people see as a good physique now.” -Derek “Most people that don’t have the physique that is the peak of their genetic potential is out of lack of willpower and adherence to something consistently.” – Derek “I prioritize other things over body composition for a while now, [..] it would be unreasonable for me to expect to maintain my lifts at what they were because I used to use reasonable amounts of steroids, whereas now I don’t use those.” -Derek “Your metabolism next week is going to be significantly different, it's constantly changing and evolving.” -Shawn Stevenson “People coming in may know, yeah I know I need to change what I’m eating, but they’re so far removed from understanding how powerful it is and what to do about it because of the cookie cutter stuff.” -Shawn Stevenson “Many of these diet frameworks, even though they can be wonderful, they can also imprison you and they can leave things out, make things off limits that you may need…” -Shawn Stevenson “Chronic nutrient deficiency leads to chronic overeating.” -Shawn Stevenson Follow Derek: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Follow Shawn Stevenson:
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