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Click here to download your FREE guide to 100x YOUR EFFICIENCY IN 10 EASY STEPS: Build IRONCLAD discipline in this FREE workshop: On Today's Episode: Looking for a high value man or woman will have you feeling more detached from yourself and reality than figuring out your life’s purpose. Generally speaking there are natural occurring differences between men and women that do not have to be viewed as adversarial or problematic. In today’s social media influenced dating scene, there are so many toxic ideals floating around that dating and finding relationships are more difficult than they ever were before. Traditional male roles are being attacked for being toxically unacceptable by today’s internet standards and both men and women are feeling pressure to live up to standards that a narrow percentage of people will actually fit into. Stephan Speaks is joining Tom to address a very hard conversation. Stephan Speaks has garnered hundreds of millions of views from his own YouTube presence as a relationship expert focused on helping men and women create healthier happier relationships aligned with the essence of their true self. He’s not shy about calling out behaviors and flawed thinking from men and women that make finding authentic connection difficult. Declining testosterone levels in young men, porn, and an unhealed broken subset of men (and women) with large online platforms are just a few of the issues of a much bigger problem that Stephan is speaking to in this episode. Let’s talk about why you’re being shamed for not wanting the internet standard and how the Andrew Tate phenomenon and others like that for men and women are destroying your potential for love, family and real connection. QUOTES: “High value does not equate to a good person.” “Culture is painting a picture of what relationships are that I think is dysfunctional at the level of definition.” -Tom Bilyeu “A lot of men are not honest about how much they want a relationship and value having a woman in their life because they don’t want to be called a simp, […] so people are not being true to who they are or what they truly desire.” “People will always pursue fame and money no matter how many people get ruined by fame and money.” -Tom Bilyeu “Walk in your masculine but you have to be able to tap into your feminine to where you bring love, safety and security to your partner.” “There’s a lot of men on the internet that are speaking out of a lack of healing and bitterness…” “A healthy, happy, successful relationship is two people pouring into each other.” “There’s a difference between being vulnerable and being emotionally unstable.” “Marriage is a great wealth building tool if you use it correctly.” “When you get married you are signing a marriage contract whether you like it or not. You’re either going to sign the state’s contract or you’re going to create your own contract, why not create your own.” Follow Stephan Speaks:
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