Mastery by Michael A. Nitti, Erica Nitti Becker

Mastery, by father and daughter duo Michael A. Nitti and Erica Nitti Becker, offers a road map for those committed to living in full alignment with their true calling. By becoming aware of what’s preventing you from showing up this way, you’ll realize it’s within your power to live your life on purpose. Michael and Erica inspire you to step beyond your fears and limiting beliefs to make your dreams come true. The self-improvement book presents a collection of more than 200 insights that speak directly to the part of you that’s been waiting to be set free. The 12 Distinctions of Mastery teaches you how to: • live with certainty and courage; • show up as a force for good; • never settle for less than you deserve; • forgive and move on; and • live from a perspective of gratitude and abundance. Michael and Erica, whose knowledge spans more than two generations of personal development and with more than forty-five years of coaching experience between them, help you discover what’s possible when you step beyond your mind and take full ownership of who you were born to be. To learn more or order the book: Facebook:

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