MASS PSYCHOSIS: How An Entire Population Becomes Stupid & How To Get Ahead Of Everyone | Dan Ariely

Kickstart Your Business Reclaim Control of Your Life Today: This episode is sponsored by Kajabi. Right now, Kajabi is offering a 30-day free trial to start your own business if you go to Today, I’m unpacking the complexity of human rationale and the lack of it as we encounter more global conflicts and people are seemingly losing their minds. The buffet of misinformation which my guest today calls “corrosive” information is highly triggering one-sided social media arguments taken as truth based on number of likes and shares, and biased news outlets that exist to turn profits pushing watered down information in the new era of headline consumption. Mis-information overload is quite literally rotting the brains of people around the world at alarming rates. By the end of this two part episode, – Avoid irrational traps we are calling the funnel of misbelief,
– Understand how to escape corrosive-information and seek objective truth
– Choose a northstar with flexibility that allows you to prioritize fulfillment This episode is about no longer allowing your emotions to be hijacked without your knowledge, and understanding exactly how they’ve been leveraged against you to form beliefs that need to be questioned. Dan Ariely, not only challenges the status quo with his groundbreaking research into human irrationality at Duke University, he also confronts the mass psychosis and misinformation epidemic, using his profound understanding of behavioral economics and personal experiences to shed light on our predictably irrational patterns of thought. Check out Dan’s latest book, Misbelief, What Makes Rational People Believe Irrational Things: Chapter Markers:
[00:30] The Problem With Corrosive Information
[14:28] The Nature of Emotional Decision Making
[34:00] Stress In The Funnel of Misbelief
[44:37] Your Psychology Is Under Attack
[56:20] Establishing Objective Truths
[1:12:53] Individual Solutions to Societal Issues
[1:27:14] The Cost of Free Speech
[1:38:17] No One Escapes Misbeliefs
[1:55:46] Solving For Misbelief
[2:08:39] Know That You Don’t Know
[2:24:07] The Replication Crisis Dan Ariely Quotes: “The breeding ground for misbelief is stress.” “When you think about corrosive, you say people are different on the other side of this and there's really no no going back” “Every element of our psychology is attacked to get us down to this finalist misbelief.” “Cognitive dissonance is about, if we act in a certain way our beliefs follow.” “Emotions in general are basically rules of thumbs. They are not accurate, they are not designed to be accurate. They are designed to dictate a particular behavior that is almost instinctual.” “We’ve created a society very much built on temptation and emotions everywhere, and not just in social media, […] it’s an easier trigger to press than to go through the cognitive route.” “There's the cognitive part, you choose which information to pay attention to or not, and there's the personality part that some people are more susceptible to…” “It's really about the ability to hold multiple hypotheses in mind and not being convinced too quickly. I also think it's about reducing the gap between confidence and knowledge…” “It's not that anybody's lying, it's that they looked at the same thing and they walked away with wildly different conclusions. “ Tom Bilyeu “If you have a growth mindset, you are not prone to going down the funnel of disbelief because your identity is not tied up in a belief or something.” Tom Bilyeu “I don't want to be 100% sure of anything that is going to color my worldview, or at least I'm going to be very, very cautious before I get there.” “Everything is a trade off, and I think that for most things we don't understand them sufficiently and deeply, and we are just at the beginning of the journey and we need to understand it, and we need to keep on being willing to change it later on.” “Social science changes all the time because the things that tap our irrationality keep on changing and the type of mistakes we make keep on changing. So we need to change with it.” “Creating a goal of fulfilling ourselves by improving other people's lives is a wonderful abstract goal. As long as you don't say "I know what is the exact way to do it.” Follow Dan Ariely:
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