MALE INEQUALITY: Why modern men are on the decline | Richard Reeves

Listen to Impact Theory on Amazon Music: RESTART your life in 7 days: On Today's Episode: We may have unintentionally swung the pendulum on women’s rights and equality in a way that is creating unforeseen consequences for men and boys. We’re talking about male inequality and sorting through some of the biggest contributing factors affecting fathers, sons, husbands, and boyfriends. The mounting data is telling a story of women being able to live well without the need for men and in the absence of a well defined male role in our modern society, men are on the decline. Males are struggling with education, agency, purpose, and seeing higher numbers of suicide. Richard Reeves joins Tom Bilyeu to highlight some key points that we as a society must take into consideration as we decide how to move forward. Richard was named one of the top 50 thinkers in the US for his work on class and inequality. He’s also the author of the book, Of Boys and Men. Disturbing factors Richard is underlining in this conversation includes: Women no longer need marriage to survive and marriage is proving to be more important to men than women
Deinstitutionalization of masculinity in a cultural problem
Biology, culture, and the individual thrive together and not apart from one another Check out Richard Reeves book, Of Boys and Men: QUOTES: “Boys and girls are struggling in different ways at different points in their lives." “When you took the brakes off women, it turns out they can drive the car faster.” “We have to think about biology and culture as co-evolving and most importantly recognizing biological differences doesn’t make culture less important, it makes it more important because culture is how we learn how to express or not express these tendencies, or when it’s appropriate to express them and when it’s not appropriate to express them.” “A big reason for the gender pay gap is parenting, […] it’s not just that mothers earn and work less, it’s that fathers earn and work more, and that drives the gender pay rate up significantly.” “There is a problem right now with boys and men, and one of the sources of that problem is, we don’t have a new script for masculinity. We’ve torn up the old one, the breadwinning one, but we haven’t replaced it.” Follow Richard Reeves
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