If you're a 6-figure entrepreneur looking to scale your company, check out our Business Decision-Making Workshop. I will teach you the skills I used to scale Quest into a $1B company. Visit https://decision.impacttheory.com/apply?sl=yt626 to apply! If you’re reading this and thinking, yeah I want to build the next billion-dollar company, I want you to understand everything comes down to results and the amount of work you are willing to put in to get there. Getting to billion-dollar levels of success takes more out of you than most people can imagine. In this compilation, I want you to take away the nuggets that you need to go and make something happen. Don’t drift back into the day-to-day routine that isn’t getting you closer to your billion-dollar company if that’s what you want. Get up and get so obsessed about doing something that you stop at nothing to gain mastery in the areas you need mastery in to make shit happen. Get crystal clear about your vision and the direction you want to go. Get comfortable failing, get comfortable grinding away when it’s boring and when it’s exciting, and do whatever it takes to (within your code of ethics) to prove it to yourself and prove it to every person that didn’t believe. Billionaires aren’t born, billionaires work hard with focus and discipline to get to where they are. SHOW NOTES:
0:00 | Introduction to Obsessive Thinking
2:55 | Who’s Living Your Ideal Life?
3:34 | Finding Your Niche
4:55 | Gaining Mastery to Develop Passion
6:00 | So Much Opportunity to Miss
7:08 | How To Grow At Scale
12:22 | What It Takes To Succeed
14:30 | Working With Business Partners
18:33 | What’s The Right Number Of Partners?
24:26 | Company Culture Is Everything
28:51 | Chase Money or Chase Fulfillment
31:50 | Go Out And Do Something QUOTES:
“Encounter enough stuff that you see what actually gives you that spark of interest, don't expect a spark of passion it doesn't happen like that” [4:00] “To get a passion, you've got to fight through just ridiculous amounts of boredom, fatigue, everything to truly become good enough at it, that it's a skill that has utility.” [5:51] “mistakes are the most information rich data stream there is standing still is the only problem” [6:58] “I don't see an orange grove I see just a future that nobody can imagine. And that's vision right vision is hitting a target that other people don’t even know exists” [7:38] “If what you're trying to do is important enough, even if the probable outcome is failure, you still need to do it.” [11:37] Tom Quoting Elon Musk “I get a lot of criticism for how many hours I work and I'm like motherfuckers are you not listening? Like here's the punchline happy I worked that hard because I'm having fun.” [14:04] “In your life motherfuckers you're either going to be chasing money or you're going to be chasing fulfillment and nary the twain shall meet.” [28:53]
“Most people are not prepared to suffer. They're not prepared to grind it out. They're not prepared to be bored, and that's the thing that a lot of people don't realize that is coming for you.” [32:35] “Show me that you're the one that cuts through the clutter that really puts in the effort and makes it happen and hold yourself to a result. People do not judge you by your intentions. They judge you by your results.” [33:38]

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