Jordan Peterson on Constructing Your Identity, Chaos and Order, and the Escalating Culture Wars

This episode is sponsored by Skillshare. The first 1000 people to use this link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: Is your notion of self-identity independent of social influences? Have you considered how much your identity has been negotiated with others since child-hood in order to be molded to the social norms? Clinical psychologist, Dr.Jordan B. Peterson uncovers the idea of functional identity and ties it to the tendencies you had as a child to self-regulate your behaviors in order to fit in. Your notion of self-identity and ability to leverage beyond the known in a logical landscape that navigates the unknown is anchored to the role you play among your peers. In this episode, you will travel through a conversation with Jordan and Tom that will push your view of peer groups, their role in shaping your identity, and how your responsibilities lie within your willingness to sacrifice and strive for more. Jordan explores the importance of slaying your dragons, and understanding that the ultimate battle is with yourself. Order Jordan’s Book, ”Beyond Order”: SHOW NOTES: Self-Identity | Jordan explains his theory for how identity is a dramatic role we play out. [1:33] Logical Landscape | Jordan introduces subjective and objective experiences. [7:53] Questioning Yourself | Jordan explains not getting what you want and identity. [9:10] Functional identity | Jordan explains a functional identity that gets what you want. [12:03] Tyranny of Culture | Jordan explains the reality of how social molding crushes identity. [15:19] Identity Lies | Jordan shares his view of people deciding their own identity. [16:11] Uncertainty | Jordan explains why people have a low tolerance to uncertainty [20:30]
Defining Identity | Tom and Jordan explore the elements of what makes identity. [23:49]
Identity Narrative | Jordan adds the fundamental element of identity and the story you tell together. [25:05] Non-Negotiated Identity | Jordan explains the problem with insisting on an identity. [30:00] Ethical Statement | Jordan explains the relationship between behavior and ethical statements. [37:30]
Responsibility | Jordan explains how responsibility and rights fit together. [40:01] Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Jordan reveals why you should run experiments to improve your quality of life. [44:05] Resentment | Jordan uncovers the social and mental condition of acting from resentment. [48:15]
Artists | Jordan describes artists as intuitive and able to live in chaos and see possibility. [1:01:05]
Striving for More | Jordan questions the need to strive versus being happy with who and what we are. [1:04:26] Slay the Dragon | Jordan elevates the meaning of slaying the dragon. [1:10:09] Aim at One Thing | Jordan advises that aiming at something is better than nothing. [1:18:10] Reality | Jordan shares a variation of Darwinian reality and objective reality. [1:22:05] Prejudice Viewpoints | Jordan expands the idea of prejudices needed from excess information. [1:26:14] Help | Jordan talks about the push-back he gets helping “deplorable” young men. [1:33:24]
Beyond Order | Jordan gets vulnerable and hopes it alleviates unnecessary suffering.” [1:37:10] QUOTES:
“the ‘known’ is the place you are when what you’re doing produces the results you want” [8:45] “You are all of those levels of identity, […] all of those are a consequence of who you are but in interplay like in the situation with the child, all of that’s negotiated with other people” [11:43] “It’s your duty, your developmental duty, as a child and as a teenager to take your isolated self and turn it into a functioning social unit.” [14:18] “Your identity is the story you tell about your actions in the world, but it's also your actions in the world” [25:32] “If something’s valuable you will make sacrifices to attain it […] we could let go of something we value in the present, we would gain something we value even more in the future” [41:58] “It’s harsh that the rewards of life are indiscriminately distributed, it's hard on everyone, but it doesn’t help to become bitter.” [54:14] “Are you a rebel because you can’t fit in or are you a rebel because you could fit in but you see a better way?” [57:01] “the best we have may not always work, but it’s still the best we have and the fact that it might not work doesn’t mean that we should throw it away, it’s still the best we have.” [1:19:00] “You’re always looking for ‘no’ because you can only say ‘yes’ to a limited number of things.” [1:26:26] Follow Jordan:

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