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This episode is sponsored by NorthOne. Learn more at https://northone.com/impact What does being a millionaire mean to you? How much have you pondered the question, what is the best or fastest way to become a millionaire? So, you’re an Impact Theory fan and you probably already know behind becoming anything there is a mindset. So what is the mindset of a millionaire and how would some of the most successful entrepreneurs and billionaires around advise you to take on the journey of becoming a millionaire? In this compilation episode, ultra successful entrepreneurs Ed Mylett, Ramit Sethi and billionaire businessmen, David Rubenstein and Ray Dalio share their wisdom and advice to help you find the path forward to not just becoming a millionaire, but to also having a successful and meaningful life. SHOW NOTES: Finding Happiness | 1:43
Dissatisfaction | Ed Mylettt on allowing joy in the struggle & rewards along the journey[1:53]
Luxury | Ray Dalio on finding luxury beyond having the basics covered & relieving stress [3:47]
Self-Confidence | Ed on stacking promises to yourself and being aware of your state [6:56]
Success | David Bernsteing explains why happiness defines success not income level [9:08]
Standards | Ed explains how having a strong why shapes the standards you live by [9:55]
Fulfillment | David on fulfillment being better than happiness & leading by example [12:48]
New Experience | Ed on why touching the dream is more powerful to the familiar mind [15:04] Fix Your Finances | 17:16]
Emergency Fund | Ramit Sethi on a 1 yr emergency fund, accept reality, make a plan [17:19]
Skills for Uncertainty | Ray breaks down why the best skills allow you to adapt [19:20]
CEO Strategy | Ramit explains 3 ways to gain stability in uncertainty: cut, earn, and owe [20:55]
Play Offense | Ramit exposes getting offensive & aggressive cutting costs the right way [23:56]
Stress Test | Ray Dalio shares how to stress test finances: income, expenses, savings [26:40]
Unemployed | Ramit on using services and building resources to get pass the unplanned [28:04] Become A Leader | [31:54]
Influence | Ed Mylett explains why people need to know you believe yourself [33:00]
Improving Leadership | David on developing & maturing leadership skills after setbacks [34:19]
Inspiration| Ed Mylett beating fear and anxiety & what true inspiration looks like for him [35:28]
9 Traits of Leaders | David shares 13 traits common among great leaders [38:18
Grateful | Ed uncovers the power of stacking gratitude and gaining control of his day [39:57]
Failure Reframed | David exposes why admitting your failures is critical [42:49] QUOTES: “Once you've got safe, everything beyond that is luxury.” Ray Dalio [6:52] “The reason my standards are set so high is because I don't want to leave it up to my own devices.” Ed Mylett [9:55] “…the key thing everybody needs to learn right now is you don't make money on your savings account. That's not where money is made. It's just meant to be safe and stable.” Ramit Sethi [31:27] “…leaders are people who try to convince other people that it would be in everybody's best interest to follow the leader’s views on what should be done.” David Rubenstein [32:23] “…there's a correlation here between me actually saying what I believe and what I'm passionate about, and my ability to communicate it.” Ed Mylett [33:25] “…the separation is in the preparation.I have to be prepared.” Ed Mylett [35:45] “[the] most inspiring person is one overcoming the fear of doing something, not the person who is excellent at it.” Ed Mylett [38:01] “nobody ever won a Nobel Prize, working five days a week, nine to five. If you're going to do something great, it takes a lot of time, and hard work is important” David Rubenstein [39:05] “chase down the version of you that you were born to be.” Ed Mylett [42:42] Follow Ed Mylett: https://www.edmylett.com/
Follow Ramit Sethi: https://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/
Follow David Rubenstein: https://www.carlyle.com/about-carlyle/team/david-m-rubenstein
Follow Ray Dalio: https://www.principlesco.com/

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