If You Can’t Ditch Social Media Entirely, Try This Instead | Steve Aoki on Impact Theory

This episode is brought to you by: Skillshare. Start learning on Skillshare today with 2 free months at https://skl.sh/impacttheory29 Monster producer, musician and label-owner Steve Aoki has not only achieved incredible success in the music industry, but has managed to constantly reinvent himself to stay just ahead of global trends. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Steve Aoki shares the secrets to lasting success, his own family story, and his advice for anyone who finds themselves feeling stuck, jaded or cynical. SHOW NOTES: Steve shares what keeps him going at age 40 [3:06]
Steve and Tom discuss the need to connect and make an impact [6:48]
Steve describes the compulsion to achieve greatness as positive [12:32]
Steve explains how he created the space to be free and to follow his passion [15:35]
Steve shares that he really appreciates his father’s tough love [20:29]
Steve talks about family and his hopes to have kids eventually [21:51]
Steve describes how he reinvents himself in music [23:37]
Steve explains how he connects with the people he works with [29:46]
Steve talks about cynicism and how he avoids it [32:19]
Steve shares his advice for people who have gotten jaded [34:42]
Steve explains how he deals with failure when it’s so common [37:42]
Steve and Tom share the impact they want to have on the world [40:36] QUOTES: “Anything can happen now. I really believe that. Things that were complete dream scenarios, like DJing in space, I really think that can possibly happen.” [29:19]
“Seventy percent of the things I want to do aren’t going to happen, even at my level. And it’s going to continue to be like that. But I’m going to always aim high.” [33:09]
“I wanna push myself on every level.” [14:14] FOLLOW STEVE: WEBSITE: https://www.steveaoki.com
INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2mBO8cA
FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/2kzUmcb
TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2l3TRr2 BOOKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Blue, the Color of Noise: https://amzn.to/2mAO3Wz [2:37]

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