How To Prepare For The GLOBAL RECESSION & Build Wealth In The Process! | Raoul Pal

Build IRONCLAD discipline in this free workshop: On This Page: Wishing your way to wealth and success, complaining about who is wealthy, and riding the wave of misplaced time, money and effort is not why you’re here. Stock markets, investment portfolios, 401Ks, and bank accounts look like the stuff global disasters are made of. You’re living through weird times and having a biological experience of unforeseen proportions when you look at the global economic sh*t storm we’re in. So the top 5 ideas and people you’re spending your time with really matters, perhaps more than ever before. Perspective is key, and you get to decide if you’re living in a friendly or hostile world. Raoul Pal, CEO and co-founder of Real Vision, has some ideas that can certainly help average up how you think about getting through our current recession. Whether your money is all in crypto, in a 401k that’s reduced by half, or in none of the above, the ideas that Raoul shares in this episode may be some of the most important ideas you’ve ever heard. Are you still living and acting based on an American Dream that died decades ago? Does the thought of buying during a market drop scare you or excite you? Listening to these conversations between Raoul and Tom is going to break some of your ideas apart and allow you to put together a new and improved perspective that will allow you to thrive during this recession and maybe even get a little excited. Resources Mentioned:
The Alchemy of Finance: SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction Raoul Pal
0:27 | Thrive in the Economic Collapse
41:39 | Crypto 101 Masterclass
1:11:59 | Recession 101 Masterclass
1:41:51 | The Biggest Opportunity
2:13:30 | Adapt to the Changing World Order QUOTES: “Even if it’s in the bank. It’s not your money [7:13] “Humans have a propensity to borrow to create this image of their future self. The future self was the amazing United States of America, that dream that we had in the 50s. That dream died decades ago.” [9:41] “You should be looking at the moments of extreme weakness, the blood on the streets moment, to be buying more…” [20:43] “He who has cash in a recession is king, so that’s that combination of income and opportunity. You’ve got income, you’ve got some cash and now everything is on fire sale prices, you’re the king.” [26:24] “Don’t look at your lost of wealth from peak, that’s stupid. That’s the American dream fixating on something that doesn’t exist.” [28:53] “We don’t buy the S&P because we want to hang it up on our wall. We buy it cause we want to sell it at a future date to realize money. So, that means our future selves are now poorer, […] that’s what currency debasement is.” [44:47] “Leverage allows you to borrow future money to use now.” [1:31:07] “What really matters is your liquid net worth, the money that you’ve got available to invest, and I’m 100% in crypto, and I feel like I’m underexposed.” [1:50:52] “That’s the beauty of bitcoin, […] You’re a VC investor in the future platform of the internet of value and you’re paying nobody any fees.” [2:02:13] “Change is happening, and you can fear it, but you’re not going to stop it.” [2:21:04] Follow Raoul Pal:
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