How To COMPLETELY CHANGE Your Life In 2023 (My Process For Achieving Goals) | Tom Bilyeu

Attain Your Potential – Download the FREE Impact 90 Challenge Start Pack: Click here to download your FREE guide to 100x YOUR EFFICIENCY IN 10 EASY STEPS: On Today's Episode: Do you feel like you’re holding your life back? You envision all the cool things you could be doing if only you could make this one thing happen. If you could figure out how to execute on this brilliant idea you have that you know will change so many lives then your life could finally change for the better. The problem is you either don’t have the clarity you need to make progress, or you don’t want it badly enough, or you’re overwhelmed thinking about everything it takes to get there. A lot of people are fighting for their excuses and fighting to hold onto all the reasons people like them living in situations like this just can’t get a break. There’s never enough time, never enough resources, and even when they start, it eventually gets boring AF. Is that you? 92% of people fail to achieve the goal they set for themselves. In this episode Tom is breaking down for you exactly what you need to know to be part of the 8% that succeed in achieving their goals. This is the most detailed and most comprehensive breakdown of how an ultra successful entrepreneur like Tom learned to optimize his time to execute at the absolute highest level, day after day after day. Take notes and get to work on: How to use your time to transform potential into skills
Push through the boredom that achieving your goals demands
Define who you want to become and what rules and habits will make it possible Master consistency and follow-thru to see your goals to completion
Realize that you need to fail and risk embarrassment to accomplish big goals One of the best things you can do to set yourself up for success besides subscribing to Impact Theory is to count on strong habits and routines over motivation. Get your mindset right, cultivate the desire and beliefs that make your dreams your reality and get to work. QUOTES: “You have to get so specific with your goal that you know what you are doing with the next 15 minutes of your life.” “You are only going to get what you absolutely demand of yourself.” “If the first thing you do is pick up your phone or check your email, you are saying ‘hey, I don’t know what I should be doing with my time, so let me see what someone else thinks I should be doing with my time.’” “The truth is difficulty, boredom, struggle, pain breaks almost everyone that it touches.” “You become what you repeat.” “You are going to have a ton of failure in your life, you have to contextualize it as the most advantageous thing that could happen to you.” “You’re setting the bar too low. Everybody’s setting the bar too low!” “The people that set the most aggressive goals are the ones that end up achieving their goals.” Follow Tom Bilyeu:
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