How To Become A MILLIONAIRE In 2023: BUILD WEALTH Starting With $0 | Jaspreet Singh

INVEST IN YOURSELF NOW: FREE LIVE WORKSHOP HOW TO MAKE ANY GOAL STICK, REGISTER NOW: On Today's Episode: A new year is quickly approaching and the only question now is what should you be doing now to become a millionaire in 2023? If financial literacy wasn’t a class you were offered before graduating high school and no one in your family or personal life is qualified to give you the education you lack around building wealth and getting rich, then lean in and listen up. By the end of this episode you should have at least 3 things you can start focusing on DOING immediately to reach a million dollars next year. Jaspreet Singh is the CEO and founder of Minority Mindset and Market Briefs. He’s been creating content to give people the financial education they never got so no one has to keep living paycheck to paycheck. This information he shares is easy enough to understand which means you can get to work on executing on some of these ideas TODAY. “Action cures all.” -Tom Bilyeu Nothing will change for you in 2023 unless you change what you are doing with your money (and your mindset) and how you think about money. Catch the full both full conversation with Jaspreet here:
How the System Keeps You Poor: Get Rich in Upcoming Recession: SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Become Millionaire in 2023
0:22 | Make Your Money Work For You
21:07 | Be Rich, Don’t Look Rich
1:01:32 | These Habits Keep You Poor
1:20:21 | How the 1% Invest
1:57:49 | Get Started On The Path To Wealth
2:17:14 | Get Rich In a Recession QUOTES: “I was dumb because I didn’t really care about risk.. I never even looked at risks.” [2:25] “I call it the minority mindset, thinking differently than the majority of people because it’s doing something different.” [11:58] “You have to be physically fit, then mentally fit, then spiritually fit, and on the top, financially fit if you want to live a fully fit life.” [29:45] “The whole idea of a recession is, […] you can come in and buy more equity at a discounted price. [40:00] “Real wealth in this country, in this system, is built through owning equity.” [40:43] “The money that we call money today is currency, it’s really just pieces of paper, and when you understand that it’s going to change what you do with the money.” [1:01:12] “Hey you got a raise, but you’re actually broker now than you were before the raise because your raise isn’t keeping up with inflation.” [1:15:08] Follow Jaspreet Singh:
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