How To Be MISERABLE For The Rest Of Your Life… (Why 2% Succeed & 98% DON’T) | Tom Bilyeu

Attain Your Potential – Download the FREE Impact 90 Challenge Start Pack: Click here to download your FREE guide to 100x YOUR EFFICIENCY IN 10 EASY STEPS: On Today's Episode: Living the good life, is pretty much at the top of everyone’s list. The problem is that nearly everyone is making decisions and acting in ways that don’t lead to their version of a good life they wish they had. To call it self-sabotage seems like an understatement. In this round of talks with Tom, we have Will, Noelle, and George digging deeper with questions about what it takes to create a good life you’re excited for every day. After building a billion dollar unicorn company, and investing years of transparency to bring value to people, like yourself, at scale, Tom Bilyeu is very clear and direct on exactly what it takes for you to succeed at whatever level you want to aim for. Key ideas from this episode you don’t want to miss: Top 5 behaviors and mental traps that lead to miserable life
How to let go of beliefs holding you back
The trade offs of being a Jack of all trades or the master of one
How to use distraction as a tool of productivity
Why your life is a reflection of your choices not your circumstances Hearing some of these things can sting, but when you prioritize the good life over what makes you feel good right now, you take the sting and get focused on what you want, how you’ll get there, and getting relentlessly obsessed with taking massive actions everyday until you get ther. QUOTES: “Recognize that you are a deeply flawed individual that is holding yourself back, that your life is a reflection entirely of your choices and not your circumstances, and if you’re not happy with that that means you’re doing something wrong.” “I remind myself in business all the time, my current skill set has already taken me as far as it’s going to take me, and so if I want to go farther I have to get better. But if you don’t believe that you can get better, then you won’t put in the energy and effort into getting better.” “If you don’t have a massive amount of resilience you are really in trouble.” “The act of going ham is so intoxicating, it’s so fun, that it is the juice.” “People underestimate the complexity of a habit.” “You need a maniacal focus, you need to be lasered in on one thing and you do it to the abstraction of everything else and you do it obsessively to the point where everything else in your life ideally is falling apart…” “Ultimately my advice to people is to chase fulfillment.” “That is what self awareness is, you can finally see yourself the way other people see you.” “Rules, values, and desire are wildly underutilized.” “Obsession will hurt and it will be unhealthy unless you realize that you can get better…” “Love trumps everything I’ve been through in my life.” “My marriage is great because we work on it every single day.” Follow Tom Bilyeu:
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