How To Achieve Your Most AMBITIOUS Goals and BREAK THE ADDICTION To Negative Thoughts! | Lewis Howes

Click here to download your FREE guide to 100x YOUR EFFICIENCY IN 10 EASY STEPS: Build IRONCLAD discipline in this FREE workshop: On Today's Episode: So much of what you do comes from a desire and need to belong and matter. If you’re being totally honest, in the hardest situations and relationships you’re acting out of fear and judgment and this episode is for you. Lewis Howes has built success in more areas than most people dream or imagine to be possible. He’s a bestselling author, All-American athlete, entrepreneur, podcast host, high performer and high achiever in many ways that continues to inspire hundreds of millions of people. Today he’s sharing insight on how he’s come to find harmony in his wildly ambitious dreams to impact millions of people and do so from a place of peace, self-love, and radical self-acceptance. Doing internal work and healing from emotional wounds is just the beginning for Lewis Howes’ journey to greatness as the highest possible level. Key impactful lessons to take note of in this conversation is:
In lacking the courage to be yourself, you’re essentially abandoning yourself
Wanting to belong can drive you to results, but they’re results from unhealed wounds and you still don’t love or accept yourself in the end
A powerless state of meaning comes from a powerless mindset If you’re tired of responding to life and all the challenges thrown at you, out of fear that constantly triggers your anxiety, then Lewis Howes’ formula for success may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Check out Lewis Howes latest book, The Greatness Mindset: QUOTES: “When I felt triggered, attacked, abused or misunderstood, I can sometimes respond from a lack of courage in order to please, like me, or not be upset with me.” “You betray yourself when you’re living in a powerless mindset.” “When we conceal our pain that means we’re ashamed of something, we’re hiding something, we’re afraid that if someone knew this about me they wouldn’t like me, accept me, or love me.” “When you squeeze a human being what comes out is the emotions inside.” “Ambition from a wound never really felt like the best thing, but ambition from a meaningful mission is what it’s all about.” “I don’t think you need a big mission, but I do think you need a meaningful mission.” “A perfect mindset is not one free of a negative inner voice, it’s one that knows how to handle and minimize the impact of said negative inner voice.” Tom Bilyeu Follow Lewis Howes:
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