Hold Yourself ACCOUNTABLE and Take ACTION By Following These TIPS

You are the most important person in your life that you need to impress. So, even if you are in a room with the president of the country, your mother, your boss, and your future spouse, there is no one more important to impress than yourself. If you’ve been here before you’ve probably heard it said, the only thing that matters is how you feel about yourself when you are by yourself. Can you trust yourself to show up and get things done when you say you’re going to? Or do you not believe yourself when you tell someone that you will be there or you will have this done for them by a certain date? It is critical to your future success that you earn trust and have credibility with yourself more than anyone else. Being accountable and reliable for yourself is the secret to building stronger relationships and social networks. Tom is going to take you through why being accountable to yourself matters, how you can build that relationship with yourself, and the unspoken rules of accountability taking place in relationships that you need to be aware of to succeed. Ultimately, accountability comes down to the sincere pursuit of your goals, not actually achieving them. Fall in love with the process and be as hardcore as you want to be. “Only do and believe that which moves you towards your goals” -Tom Bilyeu SHOW NOTES: 1:20 | What Is Accountability?
5:35 | Authority and Credibility Matter
7:32 | Earning Credibility with Yourself
12:56 | Trust and Unspoken Accountability
17:02 | Reliability and Your Word
20:31 | Accountable to Not Blaming Others
25:36 | Harmful Accountability
30:18 | Weak and Accountable
34:07 | Accountable to Aggressive Goals QUOTES: “Even if you can fool the world, there will be an account of your actions in your own mind.” [1:58] “If you're trying to present yourself as being good at something, then you better be living up to the things that you say” [6:37] “Credibility is most important when you're talking about self credibility.” [8:47] “When somebody has an expectation of you or you have an expectation of somebody else, you're holding them accountable to that value system, whether you articulate it or not.” [14:30] “Becoming capable of a championship performance is far more emotionally gratifying than actually winning the championship. It's the journey.” [24:54] “The reason that I divorce myself from the ultimate outcome is because you don't want to live for some future time.” [28:38] “Even if I might be wrong, it's far better to believe something that is hopeful, optimistic, and empowering.” [32:38] “Don't use failure as a way to get out of accountability.” [33:35]

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