When Vincent D’Souza’s brother was terminally ill and later died of cancer, D’Souza was inspired to write this book, Happy People = Happy World. During this difficult time, he came to understand that loving and forgiveness of oneself and all others is crucial to experiencing health, wealth, and happiness. This collection of prayers helps you know who you really are, an infinite, eternal, birthless, deathless, spiritual being who is complete in every way – a child of the Creator. The prayers include: • the “I Am Prayer,” the Lord’s Prayer, as an affirmation; • the Rosary describes your purpose and life journey; • the Litany of the Christ describes your true nature; • the Seven Stations of the Healing Cross shows how forgiveness leads to oneness with God and all of creation; and • “I Am Loved, I Am Loving, I Am Lovable Forever” a suggested hymn, and “The Greatest Prayer,” offer a tool to bless ourselves and the world. Happy People = Happy World offers insight into prayers and praying with the altruistic goal of blessing all of creation. Because, when we bless ourselves, we bless all of creation, uplifting it to higher vibrations of peace, awareness, love and light. There is only one of us, the essence of the Creator/Source that underpins every aspect of creation, so, when we choose to be PALLSS all of creation wins. To learn more or order the book:

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