Functional Medicine Practitioner Reveals The Sobering Truth About the Coronavirus | Chris Kresser

This episode is sponsored by WHOOP. For 15% off your order, go to and use discount code HT at checkout. Health coach Chris Kresser, author of the Paleo Cure and one of the most influential people in nutrition and fitness, is not just someone who has studied and practiced functional medicine for years. He’s also someone who has had to use his own approach in order to overcome a decade-long struggle with chronic illness. On this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Chris Kresser details the consequences of lifestyle and diet related disease, a topic that is garnering significant attention because of the connection between pre-existing conditions and COVID-19 mortality. He delves into the mystery of why diabetes is an even more severe problem than lung disease for COVID-19 sufferers, details the kinds of lifestyle changes we should all be making, and explains why his approach to health and medicine is ultimately always individualized. SHOW NOTES: Chris explains why his approach to diet and lifestyle is always individualized [1:59]
Chris distinguishes between food quality and food quantity [3:49]
Why are people so dogmatic about dietary beliefs that seem obviously false? [6:41]
Chris discusses the connection between pre-existing conditions and COVID-19 mortality [10:44]
Diabetes is an even more severe risk factor than lung disease for COVID-19 [15:12]
Chris talks about B12 and why it matters so much [17:15]
Chris explains why we should be very concerned about blood sugar levels [19:46]
Chris discusses the many different forms of fasting, and why they all may be useful [23:16]
Chris theorizes about why the carnivore diet works for some people [26:52]
How much do genes affect the results of various kinds of diets? [28:43]
Chris talks about which factors are more important than genetics [33:11]
Chris advocates starting with testing, particularly extensive blood testing [35:12]
Chris explains why most disease is lifestyle driven, and why that matters [37:25]
Chris describes the best lifestyle for an energetic, healthy existence [40:01]
Chris discusses the benefits of meditation in his own life [43:36] FOLLOW CHRIS: WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:

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