Freedom of Expression: Censorship on the Internet

Freedom is a utopia in all its senses. And in this case I want to refer to the freedom of expression on the internet, where it seems that everything has a place but, as always happens, those who send end up putting their barriers underpinning them in unfounded or manipulated pretexts. Internet censorship is becoming more forceful.

You can check to share on Facebook (or Instagram, since they are the same owners) this post and you will see the following message (in Spanish or English):

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So, if we click on the “let us know” or “let us know” button, a box appears in which we can say that the blog or website complies with the rules and that they unlock it, which I would appreciate if you did it to check if that Option serves something or simply put it to look like it is a viable option.

The same applies to the websites, or But you will not see anything similar happening with large media.

They have algorithms, robots and people who act according to guidelines that, increasingly stronger, act against websites and blogs that publish videos or alternative news that go against the “scientific” knowledge or the precepts that make up the indoctrination and manipulation to which we are subjected.

And not only is Facebook, and Instagram, also YouTube, Google and others. And anyone who understands enough about Seo or positioning on the Internet, will know that the variations are already being noticed according to the focus of the content of each website or blog, giving priority, for example, to the news agencies that serve the great purpose of continuing to drive and controlling people’s lives, their thoughts, their emotions …

Freedom of Expression: Censorship on the Internet

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