Evidence We’re In A Simulation Is Everywhere. All You Have To Do Is Look | Joshua Bach

Reclaim Control of Your Life Today: https://bit.ly/3PIdAH2 Head over to https://bit.ly/AnthrosImpact and get $200 off the office chair that promises to be the world's most comfortable sitting experience. Confusing the distorted version of reality you’ve created in your mind with truth and perception causes people more suffering than most would ever admit to. In today’s episode, I’m joined by an expert with cognitive science and artificial intelligence, to discuss what you need to know about the self-generated simulation you’ve created and how to ensure you live the life you want, well.
Joscha Bach, is a trailblazing AI researcher reshaping our understanding of mind and universe. Known for his groundbreaking work in cognitive architecture, his revolutionary insights offer a fresh perspective on artificial intelligence. He’s an essential voice in this generation that has grabbed my attention, and will grab yours as well.. In today’s episode Joshca walks through self-generated simulations and the possibilities of humans merging consciousness with artificial intelligence, plus: -The nature of reality, free will, and consciousness.
-Stages of reality and perception develop your ability to self-control
-AI’s need for desire and goals. As an artificial intelligence researcher and cognitive scientist, Joscha Bach’s fresh perspectives and insights may send your mind spinning and it may also trigger your flight responses. Bringing you episodes like this, breaks down preconceived notions and creates new opportunities. Joscha Bach Quotes: ““I think that ultimately this is the main purpose of consciousness, this creation of a coherent reality and the long tail of the creation of this coherence in reality, this our ability to reason and construct.” “What is our consciousness thought to be related to reality? So that is the first part of that answer. It's basically it's the most important question because it's the one where we have the least of an answer.” “In biological evolution, it always includes suffering because it means that you will have an organism that is not able to emerge as the existing stuff.” “If we get consciousness and self-organization, how do we ensure that they want to organize in a way that is in concert with us and not in opposition to us or indifference in a way that obliterates us in the way that we would obliterate plants, trees, bugs, etc.?” “I think that is ultimately not about maximizing intelligence. It's about maximizing agency..” Follow Joscha Bach:
Website: http://bach.ai/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/plinz

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