Dream Guidance: Connecting to the Soul Through Dream Incubation

Dream Guidance: Connecting to the Soul Through Dream Incubation – A Conversation with Machiel Klerk and Deepak Chopra. Machiel is a social entrepreneur, licensed mental health therapist, international speaker, dream worker, and published author.
Machiel founded the organization Jung Platform based on a night-time dream. This organization focuses on providing quality programs for personal development from a soul-centered perspective. Machiel is an internationally-recognized and gifted dream worker. His book Dream Guidance, published by Hay House shows how one can connect and find guidance from the soul through dreams. He further travels extensively to Africa, Europe and through the United States and lectures on soul oriented psychological topics. He has also been a mental health therapist
since 2006. Machiel’s book Dream Guidance: Connecting to the Soul through Dream Incubation was published by the renowned publisher Hay House Publishing in 2022. He enjoys the creative writing process and he has articles on dreams, psychology, and spirituality. Dream Guidance harnesses the wisdom hidden in our dreams through the ancient method of dream incubation. Everyone dreams—both literally and metaphorically. However, most people don’t know that their night-time dreams can be used for personal development. Enter dream incubation, an ancient practice that has been used by many cultures throughout history. Dream incubation is a simple concept in its most basic application. It is learning how to ask your dream a question before you go to sleep with the goal of eliciting a practical response. In fact, the dreamworld wants to engage with you! It wants to provide answers to your most meaningful questions. It can help you tear down your own limiting beliefs so that you can experience a richer, more joy-filled life, and it can provide you with tailor-made ways to deal with your health, your vocation, and your relationships. Through five steps—thinking of what you want to ask the dream, formulating the question, preparing for the Dream Night, recording the dream, and analyzing and working with the dream—you can easily build and nurture a relationship with your dreams. And as a result, you can turn your waking life into a dream life. https://machielklerk.com/ #love #truelove #Metaverse #MetaReality #Science #Spirituality #Religion #Existence #BigBang #NaiveRealism #WhoAreYou #InfiniteLove #TranscendentExistence #Existence #SatChitAnanda #DivineUnion #DarkNightofSoul #Ecstasy #dreamscape #revelation #impermanence #TheRealMetaverse #Metahuman #TotalMeditation #Abundancebook
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