Do You Have What It Takes To GET RICH In 3 Years? (Copy These Millionaire Habits) | Alex Hormozi

Build IRONCLAD discipline in this FREE workshop: On Today's Episode: Success measured on the grand scale of financial wealth is far from impossible and yet thousands of people struggle with getting there. If you’re starting from nothing and struggling with the fear of failure and the fear of taking the risks necessary to succeed, then this episode is definitely for you. Alex Hormozi helps businesses scale $10M into $100M, and his book, the $100M Offer, How To Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No, will help you start doing the things you need to start from scratch. In this conversation Alex and Tom get granular about cultivating the traits and skill sets you need to increase your chances of success. Here’s the cheat sheet:
Pick one thing and say no to everything else
Success requires short term sacrifice for the long term achievement
2 skills to master for success are how to advertise and how to sell
Follow the Rule of 100 for guaranteed success A powerful question to ask yourself right now, according to Alex is this: What do I believe to be true that really isn’t? Tom shares quotes from Alex throughout you’ll want to note, and he shares his favorite quote at the end and it’s a life changer: “How to stay poor, assume you’re always right.” Alex Hormozi
“If you want an uncommon life you can’t have common beliefs.” Alex Hormozi Check out Alex Hormozi book, $100M Offer, How To Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No, strongly recommended for anyone scaling to 6 and 7 figures: SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Alex Hormozi
0:11 | Guaranteed Plan for Success
5:11 | Figure Out Failure & Lessons
14:02 | The Right Way to Create Content
20:36 | Traits of the Ultra Successful
34:51 | Masterclass on Million Dollar Sales 47:28 | Uncommon Beliefs for Success
1:00:34 | The Competitive Business Trait
1:10:49 | Moments of Real Fulfillment
1:16:50 | How You Feel About Yourself
1:33:06 | Own Your Circumstances QUOTES: “People are afraid of not getting validated or they’re afraid of judgment that they perceive from people that exist or don’t exist in their lives.” [3:43] “I didn’t lose the five years, I lost the assets, which were not the most valuable thing that I had earned over that time. It was the skills, the experience and the character traits, I still had those.” [9:19] “There’s a misnomer around education, […] They think that exposure to information is learning and I don’t think that’s true, or at least it hasn’t been for me.” [12:00] “Most people have a dramatic underestimation of how much volume it takes to be successful.” [12:53] “Be okay with the fact that you are going to suck and it is okay to suck, you should expect to suck, and it would be unreasonable for you to be good if you haven’t done it before, […] are you asking the universe to be unreasonable for you by expecting to be good on your first try.”[14:02] “If you can wait a year, you can make a ton of money. […] If you can wait a decade you’re going to be above the one percent, […] do the doing without seeing the result.” [26:09] “Most people had a graveyard of failures before they had their actual first success.” [34:17] “With 20 hours of focused effort most people can be pretty decent at something, […] but most people spend years waiting to do the first hour.” [34:26] “When you hear somebody speak and they really resonate with you, they give you the chills, you get excited, it’s because they’re either putting words to something that you felt but you didn’t know how to articulate and now it’s super concrete in your mind or they make you realize that you believe something that wasn’t true.” Tom Bilyeu [54:18] “You’ve got to optimize for the game to be fun when you’re losing.” Tom Bilyeu [1:08:39] “I judged myself so much on not being happy all of the time because I thought there was something wrong with the fact that I wasn’t happy that I drove myself insane not being happy rather than just being like, […] ‘I’m just going to do the stuff and just f*ck happiness, for a minute.’” [1:21:03] “The difference between rich people and poor people, successful people and not successful people is the degree to which they attribute or give power to their circumstance.” [1:33:23] “You may blame your circumstances but no one else will care.” [1:34:54] Follow Alex Hormozi:
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