DO THIS For 9 Days To STOP NEGATIVE Thoughts & Emotions (You Won’t Be The Same)

Get 15% OFF your first year at Impact Theory University. Listen NOW to the IT Podcast On Today's Episode: How do you protect your mind from all the chaos going on and get mentally stronger from the person that attacks your mental state more than anyone, yourself? It’s easy to say that you don’t have to believe everything you think, but with thousands of thoughts running through your mind and the overwhelming information pouring in from social media and news outlets, the challenge is tougher than ever before. The need to overcome the negative thoughts throwing you off the path of happiness, fulfillment, and success is bigger than ever before. This episode is one to watch several times like a masterclass to really understand how to implement these ideas and tactics shared by some of the most extraordinary people. This episode will help you: Become conscious of how you think and feel in the moment
Practice not saying negative things out loud (because words are powerful)
Change negative behaviors holding you back in life
Understand that neutral thinking is truth based thinking Joe Dispenza, NY Times Best Seller Author, is an authority in neurology, neuroscience, brain function and memory formation. You can watch his full episode here: Trevor Moawad, Sports Psychologist worked with professional athletes, like Russel Wilson as a mentor and mental conditioning guru. He passed away, but his message is just as powerful. Watch his full episode here: Trent Shelton, Former NFL Player with Seattle Seahawks, Indianapolis Colts and other teams. He’s now a motivational speaker and founder of a Christian-based non-profit organization called Rehab Time. Watch his full episode here: Susan David, award-winning Harvard Medical School Psychologist and influential management thinker, is the author of the WSJ best-selling book, Emotional Agility. You can watch her full episode here: SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Intro Define Your Future & Environment
15:56 | Observe Your Thoughts & Patterns
36:52 | Master This Mindset Today!
54:51 | Master Your Brain’s Wiring
1:23:19 | How to Destroy Fear & Anxiety
1:48:58 | Use Your Negative Thoughts for Good QUOTES: “Your environment is really controlling how you think and feel unconsciously.” Joe Dispenza [1:09] “Just because you have a thought doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.” Joe Dispenza [4:20] “If we could just learn how to not be negative, how to not externalize negative, then ultimately that would help them more than ever trying to be told to be positive.” Trevor Moawad [20:54] “The past is real. The only thing that makes it predictive is if my behavior stays the same.” Trevor Moawad [23:28] “A, your language is powerful and number two, your behavior is way ahead of your success, and so many people let their feelings dictate what they do…” Trevor Moawad [26:38] “Once I realized that I could get better at anything, it dawned on me that how I spend my time is a spiritual consideration.” Tom Bilyeu [42:14] “The right question to ask is what would I do and love everyday even if I were failing.” Tom Bilyeu [54:15] “The only way you’re going to get strength in your life is if you go through that hard moment, that tough moment.” Trent Shelton [1:23:36] “Just because it’s a chapter it doesn’t mean that it’s your whole story.” Trent Shelton [1:23:51] “Don’t complain when you have too much on your plate, because they’re people that have nothing on it.” Trent Shelton [1:48:41] Follow Joe Dispenza:
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