DO THIS Every Day To Melt The FAT AWAY & BUILD MUSCLE | Sal DiStefano

So how many Instagram posts and YouTube videos have influenced your vision of fitness, overall health, and proper diet? How many have you tried that left you frustrated and pissed off? Probably too many to count or recall. We’re bombarded with misinformation about fitness, exercise, and diet at nauseum. It’s not getting you or anyone closer to the results you really desire, and it almost makes the results you want a bit unclear and confusing. Sal DiStefano is no newcomer to the fitness scene. By the age of 19 he was already general manager at a local gym. Sal has over 20+ years of personal training experience, having worked with thousands of clients of all ages. Unfortunately for him, but lucky for you and all of his clients since, he had a health scare of his own from an autoimmune disorder which resulted in him losing 15 pounds of muscle! Sal refocused and started learning more about gut health, hormone health and how to prioritize health over appearance. In 2015 Sal co-founded Mind Pump Media in an effort to provide actionable advice for the everyday fitness enthusiast. And reveal the truth of the fitness industry. Today, Mind Pump is one of the most listened to Fitness and Health podcasts in the world. His book, The Resistance Training Revolution, breaks down fitness misconceptions that social media and bad diet fads are flooding you with. In this episode, break through the idea of relying on cardio to burn those extra calories and start realizing the amazing benefits strength training offers your body. Stop training just to lose weight fast and look good, and make the mindset shift to start approaching diet and exercise for the right reasons, so it becomes lifelong and sustainable. Check out Sal DiStefano’s book, The Resistance Training Revolution: SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Sal DiStefano
0:43 | How to Burn Belly Fat
6:36 | Train Your Body to Burn More Calories
13:06 | Benefits of Strength Training
21:54 | The Problem with Running
28:48 | Find the Right Exercise for Your
43:24 | Watch Your Hormones
52:33 | How to Eat Intuitively QUOTES: “The average person has been told to value exercise, mainly by its calorie burn, and that's so wrong because the amount of calories you burn while you exercise is actually the least important thing.” [3:54] “Strength training is the most consistent way to raise testosterone, […] in men” [14:30] “Strength training has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to stop or halt the progression of the beta amyloid plaques that are so associated with Alzheimer's” [15:31] “Because we can't just pop the exercise pill, people leave the most obvious solution on the table.” [17:09] “When it comes to improving all health metrics, mental, psychological, and physical, as you follow along, as you continue the process, it gets better and better. There's no medication that does that at all.” [18:46] “Don't go to the gym and workout, go to the gym and practice these exercises and try to get good at these exercises.” [24:33] “If we judge exercise by the people that perform it at the highest level, we're also looking at people who genetically were born to also perform at very high levels.” [25:52] “The extreme bodies are not healthy. Those are extreme performers, like a top NBA player or football player or athlete is not optimally healthy. They're just incredible at performance.” [29:00] “Good, full range of motion, appropriate and balanced strength is what prevents pain. It's what makes your joints move optimally…” [32:26] “Properly, applying strength training, and appropriate strength training, makes you bulletproof to pain you move better…” [33:06] “Moving the body and train the muscles In a way that is appropriately strenuous in different planes of motion, it trains the brain and keeps your brain's ability to do those types of things, youthful and effective.” [41:05] “Most people in modern societies have never really felt hungry, […] what we connect hunger to was actually cravings. Cravings are very different than hunger.” [55:51] Follow Sal DiStefano: Website: YouTube: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok: Podcast:

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