DO THIS DAILY To Destroy Procrastination & NEVER BE LAZY AGAIN! | Tom Bilyeu

Learn how to build IRONCLAD discipline in this free workshop: Join the Kyzen journey inside my Discord here: On Today's Episode: You can probably come up with a thousand reasons to explain your chronic procrastination. You got really thirsty, couldn’t get started until you walked the dog, and for sure laundry had to get done and when someone needs help you can’t ignore them! Why are you procrastinating though …really? Boredom, lack of excitement, not working on things that give you fulfillment, not feeling qualified and lacking skills may be behind some of your awesome reasons for procrastination, but how the heck do you beat it? Tom is about to break down procrastination and 7 things you can tackle starting NOW to stop procrastinating and start having a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Dealing with procrastination is going to take an action plan that takes control of your life, forces you to put some rules in place, and will also force you to be super HONEST with yourself about where you are. This sh*t isn’t going to be comfortable but it’s going to be more rewarding than you can imagine. So put laziness, poor diet, and bad sleep habits in the past, and let’s get to work! You’re going to start working towards something you actually care about, you’re going to optimize your environment, get rules in place and start rewarding yourself when you start crushing it. Do the 7 DAY ACTION PLAN to stop procrastinating and watch your life change in ways you only dream of. SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Destroy Procrastination
0:40 | You Gotta Want It Bad Enough 13:43 | Burnout & Laziness Look Similar
20:24 | Build A Solid Morning Routine
24:53 | Eat to Boost Your Productivity
31:19 | Optimize Your Time & Environment
34:35 | When You Fall Into A Rut
36:24 | Optimize Your Evening Routine
43:43 | 7 Day Action Plan to Beat Procrastination QUOTES: “Success is a game of problem solving, but you have to really want to solve that problem.” [1:42] “The only way that you’re going to escape laziness is by attaching meaning and purpose to that thing that you want.” [3:29] “Progress is a foundational pillar to human happiness.” [4:19] “Take the time to build that desire. Tell yourself, tell other people, repeat it like crazy, and then make sure that you embody the emotion…” [13:32] “People can hate you all they want, but if you can outperform them they can’t stop you!” [14:37] “I trust myself to do two things; one, leave it all out on the field. I play to f*cking win, and I play to win every day…” [17:07] “Be accountable to yourself to make sure that you’re actually living up to your end of the bargain…” [19:42] “Most people fail on the lazy side, they never get to burnout.” [20:10] “Make sure that you’re getting all of your background radiation, the stress, the anxiety, […] as close to zero as you can. That way you can think clearly…” [22:09] “Nutrition is a very big complex topic. The only things I consider universal are whole food and reducing sugar.” [30:51] “Make sure that you care about what you’re working on.” [32:23] “I see people not wanting to admit that things are not going the way they want…” [34:42] “Be proud of yourself for being willing to assess: where am I at, what am I trying to accomplish, am I actually making progress…” [35:37] “The reason I’m able to work as much as I work, to endure as much stress as I endure, I am very good at compartmentalizing.” [38:24] “If you don’t have people that you love and care about and that you’re spending time with, it’s all for not.” [45:11] Follow Tom Bilyeu:
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