Do These 12 THINGS First If You Want a BRIGHT FUTURE | Bjorn Lomborg

Go to or enter promo code IMPACT for a free Yeti style tumbler with your order! Restart Your Life in 7 Days: I hope you’re ready for a truly thought-provoking conversation with Bjorn Lomborg, a globally recognized author and thought-leader renowned for his innovative perspectives on addressing global issues. If global warming and climate change has you feeling a bit panicked, by the end of this episode you’ll see the picture behind the panic and understand exactly what Bjorn thinks is a bigger problem to solve than climate change. Bjorn Lomborg has published multiple bestselling books such as ‘False Alarm,’ ‘Skeptical Environmentalist.’ and his latest book, ‘First Things First.’ with a mission to help people discover the most effective solutions to the world’s greatest challenges, from disease and hunger to climate and education. This conversation draws attention to the importance for a rational, data-inspired response to global issues. As a successful entrepreneur, I say often, data is the most information rich data stream. Every decision you make and in every approach to solving novel problems, data must be at the center of the decision, otherwise you’re speculating and relying on emotion. Lomborg emphasizes the need to prioritize spending in various sectors, the role of education, and poverty reduction in improving societal outcomes. We also explore the potential implications of automation and the need for innovation in tackling climate change. Together, we tackle topics such as global warming, automation in elder care, and the need for data-driven decision-making. Hear Lomborg's fresh insights on channeling spending into prioritized sectors and the role education and poverty reduction play in societal outcomes. There's so much to discover, don't miss out on this enlightening episode! BJORN QUOTES: "Panic is not any kind of mode to be in if you want to solve issues.” “When it comes to global warming, it’s a problem. It’s not the end of the world.” “I tend to see the world very much as a marginalized conversation, and I’m simply trying to set out some unpanicked advise that in a pretty panicked world can help us be a little smarter.” “We don’t have enough resources to deliver everything to everyone.” “If you take a look at the last 25 years, each and every day, the world has lifted 138,000 people out of poverty.” “We don’t have enough resources to deliver everything to everyone.” “We used to have a very strong understanding from the elite in the world that more trade was actually good. We also used to neglect the fact that it’s not good for everyone.” Follow Bjorn Lomborg:
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