Debunking Success: Alcohol, Laziness & Social Media Addiction Isn’t Holding You Back | Alex Hormozi

Beat Procrastination: Start Your 7 Day Trial Now: This episode is sponsored by Wild Health. Visit to apply for membership for a better alternative to traditional healthcare. If you’ve been frustrated and pissed with yourself about not reaching your goals and you’re wasting time uncertain about your next move and what you should be doing, then pay attention, this episode is for you. Alex Hormozi has been going viral with incredibly valuable content about turning $1000 to $100 million, how to grow a massive following and of course how to grow and scale your business bigger than you thought was possible with his insane work ethic. In today’s episode, we talk about Alex’s prescription for traits and behaviors that lead to success and things in life you actually want, and why drugs, porn, and all of your bad habits combined are bullsh*t excuses. Hormozi has a way of taking the complicated ideas that crowd and pollute the personal growth space, stripping away the fluff and B.S. and making these ideas super easy to do and personalize. This conversation is about finding what is effective and what works. Identify your destructive habits and turn them into success-producing behaviors that are repetitive and ultimately become the expert you can follow and listen to. “Experts are not more disciplined than you, they’ve just found more ways to win.” -Alex Hormozi A few key Hormozi insights that will change your life today: Your 3 hour morning routine may be killing your chances for success
Stack pennines on the evidence that grows your belief and chances to win
Rewarding the right behaviors may be more effective than punishing the bad ones
– Unlock the Hormozi super power of defining terms and operationalizing them
-The gap between knowing business secrets and success is in the number of repetitions
– 3 steps every beginner needs to get their business started
– 4 things you’ll need to know to make your first dollar By the end of this episode, anyone serious about winning and achieving their biggest dreams should understand that the only thing that absolutely matters is if you are doing the things that yield the results you are after or not. Make sure you check out Alex’s latest book, $100M Leads: ALEX HORMOZI QUOTES: “If you can control every one of the variables, externally to an organism, you can control it’s behavior.” “Living for the future version of yourself and letting that person be your ultimate judge.” “No one is afraid of failing. People are afraid of other people’s judgment about their failure.” “You can drink and do drugs and watch porn, if you still do the sh*t, that’s all that matters.” “I try to have as few rules as possible to give myself as much latitude to live my life.” “Use emotions to fuel the behaviors that you want.” “There’s a stimulus and there’s a response. What happens in the box inside your head does not matter. If you respond, you have learned, and if you continue to see the same stimulus and you don’t respond the way you want to, you have not learned.” “Experts are not more disciplined than you, they’ve just found more ways to win.” “Values are skills because you can train them.” “Just because it's harder to measure doesn’t make it less important.” “I don’t think any business I’ve had has had a business plan, it’s just what are we going to sell and how are we going to get customers.” “The big fallacy is that the first is going to be the forever business, which it won’t. Many entrepreneurs have many businesses over the course of their career, and in each business you learn elements that help you build a bigger and better business next time.” “Most people have to keep getting slapped until they realize that nothing is going to be easy and they have to keep going through the period of not knowing what they are doing, that is in essence what entrepreneurship feels like.” “The opportunity is in the uncertainty.” Follow Alex Hormozi:
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