Create Your Success by Patricia Butterworth

At the age of ten, author Patricia Butterworth fantasized about becoming an archaeologist. It conjured up an exciting life travelling to far-flung destinations, digging deep into the unknown, discovering mysterious and ancient ruins, and studying exotic cultures so different from her own. Although she was articulating her life purpose, this purpose was not about digging up human remains and artefacts. Instead, she would go within herself to discover the hidden treasures of her own potential. In Create Your Success, she offers an inspirational memoir of adventure and pushing the limits. Patricia talks about backpacking exploits through South-East Asia, Central Asia and Europe, her “hippy” experiences, and relationship challenges. As a psychologist, she provides insights into grief, life, and the mindset to achieve, and she recounts the successful strategies she has learned to reach one’s full potential. Filled with wisdom, this memoir examines a gradual unfolding of Patricia’s spirituality and pivotal moments in her life. It documents her journey during thirty-two years in Hapkido and how, at the age of sixty-six, after overcoming physical, personal, and emotional challenges, she achieved master status. Create Your Success resonates with those who want to connect with their inner potential, chart their own life course, and create their own success. To learn more or order the book:

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