CIA Spy On World War 3’s Timeline & How It Might Happen | Andrew Bustamante

Former CIA intelligence officer, Andrew Bustamante teaches spy hacks to help people get the ultimate advantage in business and life. The CIA taught Andrew how to explain what reality is and now he’s demonstrating how espionage can be leveraged for everyday people like you. Tom has said it multiple times, “these are interesting times we’re living in.” Based on history and conversations with Ray Dalio, humans are super predictable and history can only repeat if we don’t do something different. Andrew holds no punches on why he believes we’ll struggle to overcome a world war 3.It’s going to take a popular but painful conflict to bring people together in the U.S.. Though the conflict is unavoidable, we still can’t say what this will look like. Areas of war and conflict that will keep you on the edge of your seat: China's potential legal play on Taiwan without guns
Ukraine’s most scarce resource they can’t replace fast enough
Peak division and electoral cycles in the States are a big concern. The next 10-20 years are going to be really interesting. What are you going to do to safeguard yourself and your family from what’s to come? QUOTES: “The Civil War was so important because we needed to remain one unified country from coast to coast to have American primacy in the long run.” The idea that democracy is the solution to all wealth and success hasn’t really been proven yet, we’re still outnumbered by monarchies.” Check out the full interview I did with Andrew Bustamante right here! – Follow Andrew Bustamante:
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