Change How You FEEL About Yourself, Nix Bad Habits & Develop SELF AWARENESS

This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Go to for 10% off your first month. BetterHelp is an online counseling company with the mission to make professional counseling accessible, affordable, and convenient. Criticizing others and running from hard decisions are only two of many symptoms people with low self-awareness experience. When you are working with people who are not self-aware, communication suffers and systems break down. So how do you overcome your own lack of self awareness or how do you increase and develop a stronger sense of self? It starts here with understanding that your self-awareness impacts relationships with others and yourself. It impacts your ability to control your thoughts and even still the effects of low self-awareness can weigh heavily on your ability to challenge yourself to the hard things that lead to your success. Dive further in with these guests and check out the full Impact Theory episodes here:
Your Concept of Who You Are with Mark Manson: How to Connect With Yourself with Radhanath Swami: I Got Chills When I Heard This Quote with Robin Sharma: This One Hack Will Help YouTake Control with Mel Robbins: What Everyone Struggling Needs to Know with Ed Mylett: How To Beat Anyone at Their Own Game with Randy Jackson: SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Self-Awareness
0:50 | How To Develop Self-Awareness
7:17 | Analyze Your Thoughts
14:16 | Be True To Yourself
18:44 | A Reflection Of Yourself
27:17 | Leave Your Comfort Zone
30:58 | Look Forward QUOTES: “What we associate with, we so much become influenced by that. And we see throughout the ages, people's spiritual awakening is due to circumstances of life where we feel a need for something deeper…” Radhanath Swami [4:19] “Your income, your impact, your relationship with creativity, productivity in the world; it all comes down to your relationship with yourself.” Robin Sharma [15:58] “a simple moment in the morning, where you set an intention about who you're going to be today impacts productivity, how you show up as a leader, it impacts your confidence, it impacts your mood all day long, just that simple moment of setting an intention.” Mel Robbins [20:49] “We’re the self and we're seeing the world and we're seeing ourselves through the mirror of our mind.” Radhanath Swami [23:16] “That want is never quite satisfied. Because it's a fleeting thought that's going on in your head and you know, it's also attached to sensationalism which is king and queen of America.” Randy Jackson [24:43] “As we've left, who we truly are, we've contracted. And now it's all about staying safe in the world versus going out there and letting our brilliant primal genius shine.” Robin Sharma [31:43] “The reasons why childhood traumas are so debilitating for people is that essentially, these extremely painful experiences occur to our feeling brains, while our thinking brains are still undeveloped” Mark Manson [32:50] Follow Mark Manson: Follow Radhanath Swami: Follow Robin Sharma: Follow Mel Robbins: Follow Ed Mylett: Follow Randy Jackson:

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