Bret Weinstein on Ending Cancel Culture, Avoiding Civil War and How We Can Unify

This episode is sponsored by Blinkist. Go to Try it FREE for 7 days and save 25% off your new subscription. Evolutionary theorist and “professor in exile” Bret Weinstein was thrust into the midst of America’s culture wars in 2017 while teaching at Evergreen State College. Since then he has emerged as one of the leaders of the Intellectual Dark Web. He is very aware of the severe divisions plaguing our society, and understands the energy behind those divisions. On this episode of Conversations with Tom Bilyeu, Bret Weinstein advocates learning to see both individual responsibility and collective responsibility simultaneously. He discusses the Unity 2020 platform, shares some insight on Andrew Yang’s presidency, and talks about what we need to do now to avoid civil war, environmental destruction, and general moral failure. SHOW NOTES: You are living in your own simulation, which is your biggest asset and your biggest liability [2:11]
Fights, whether marital or societal, are rarely only about the explicit content [3:18]
Those who see the hazard clearly don’t understand where the energy is coming from [7:26]
Bret describes rent-seeking behavior and how it is impossible to eliminate it entirely [13:25]
Bret and Tom discuss learned helplessness and why it’s such a bad idea [18:31]
Bret describes the collective responsibility we have as human beings [25:03]
Tom compares liberals and conservatives to visionaries and integrationists [28:35]
Radical change sucks, but may be necessary, and personal responsibility is paramount [33:10]
Tom and Bret discuss the severe divisions in current American society [36:28]
Bret describes the Unity 2020 plan and why we need to remove influence peddling [44:22]
Tom explains why he was so interested in Andrew Yang [45:54]
Bret talks about what you can learn from Andrew Yang’s presidency [49:41]
A groundswell of support is more important than naming a ticket for Unity 2020 [54:04]
Tom talks about the intoxication of rage and cognitive bias [1:00:06]
We are the ones we have been waiting for [1:04:25]
Tom and Bret discuss the leaders we need to have and how to find them [1:06:21]
Bret talks about the desire to remain unenlightened [1:14:18]
The US tries to step out of the normal evolutionary current and do something different [1:20:01]
Tom and Bret discuss the problem with attacking the scientific method itself [1:22:49]
Our education system has screwed people up so badly that they don’t want to learn [1:29:53]
Natural selection has turned sex for humans into a bonding mechanism [1:36:05]
Tom discusses Thomas Sowell and the Black Lives Matter movement [1:46:26]
Bret discusses the likelihood of Donald Trump being reelected [1:50:41]
Bret explains why schools don’t get fixed [1:53:22] FOLLOW BRET: WEBSITE:

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