Billionaire David Rubenstein on the Key Principles to Truly Becoming the One in Control

This episode is sponsored by BluBlox. Go to for 15% off your order or use discount code ImpactTheory at checkout. Do you think you have what it takes to become an empowering, inspiring, and motivating leader? Are you looking for ways to improve your leadership skills so that you can make a larger impact on the world? On this episode of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu is joined by author and Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman of ‘The Carlyle Group’ David M. Rubenstein to discuss such matters and more as they explore what it takes to become a leader and how you can start leading more in your daily life. They discuss the core principles of what makes a good leader, how wealth during your youth can stifle your progress, how hardships and failures are key to becoming a good leader, how success and happiness are tied, why persuasion is key to any great leader, what we can learn from Abraham Lincoln’s leadership, what the American DNA is and how it creates natural leaders, the power of reading, why you should become a master of one skill, and much more. Order David’s book, ‘How to Lead: Wisdom from the World's Greatest CEOs, Founders, and Game Changers’: SHOW NOTES: Leadership | David boils down what leadership truly is and how to develop it. [0:04]
Core Principles | David reveals the core principles of developing true leadership. [3:26]
Journey | David shares his journey and a brief overview of his life of leadership. [4:46]
Growing Up | David reveals what made him hungry for success during his youth. [7:05]
Wealth | David reveals the pitfalls of being born into a wealthy and prestigious family. [8:50]
Hardships | David reveals how he raised his children without spoiling them. [9:38]
Success | David reveals the things that leads people to become successful. [11:39]
Happiness | David breaks down the difference between happiness and fulfilment. [12:41]
Persuade | David reveals how he set his kids up to be successful in their pursuits. [13:19]
Lincoln | David reveals why Lincoln has been so influential in his life. [15:06]
War | David reveals how Lincoln held America together during The Civil War. [17:18]
History | David reveals the importance of preserving and honoring history as it is. [19:15]
American | David reveals what he believes it means to be American. [22:00]
DNA | David reveals how the American DNA is serving DNA today. [26:26]
Creeds | David reveals what he thinks are the most important principles to America. [28:51]
Jefferson | David shares the story of Jefferson writing The Declaration of Independence. [30:13]
Fixing | David reveals how we can contribute to fixing America’s flaws. [33:59]
Circle | David reveals how Lincoln surrounded himself with people smarter than him. [35:20]
Persist | David reveals how Lincoln lead by taking criticism and being challenged. [37:04]
Spirit | David reveals how we can awaken the spirit of America we need. [38:20]
Reading | David reveals the importance and power of reading. [40:14]
Specializing | David reveals why you should focus and develop only one skill. [41:05]
Love & Passion | David reveals what drives him to do the things he loves. [42:30]
Youth | David reveals that all leaders have an impactful youth or childhood. [44:05]
Failure | David reveals how he talks to himself when he fails. [44:56]
Forward | David reveals why leaders are necessary to moving us forward in history. [46:23]
Unity | David shares why he builds bonds ‘across the aisle.’ [47:00]
Themes | David reveals the themes that push people to become extremely successful. [48:38]
Connect | David reveals how you can continue to follow him and learn from him. [49:23] QUOTES: “If you grow up in an extremely wealthy family, if your father is worth $10-billion dollars, you might not have the drive to do the kind of things you need to do to win a Nobel Prize or a Pulitzer Prize or something else. If you grow up in a modest family, you know if you’re going to get anywhere in life, you’ve got to do it on your own.” [6:33] “You can’t be insecure. If you’re insecure, you surround yourself with people that are not that good, and great people surround themselves with people that are smarter than them.” [36:54] “…you have to have a vision of where you want to go, you have to persist in it, you have to be willing to overcome failures, and not be afraid of making a mistake.” [49:16] FOLLOW DAVID: Website:

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