BE UNSHAKABLE: 5 Stoic Habits That Will IMMEDIATELY CHANGE Your Life! | Ryan Holiday

FREE Workshop Build IRONCLAD discipline: On Today's Episode: When it comes to enduring pain or hardships, sadly the majority of us have earned our pro cards. Yet when it comes to getting through those hardships without complaining or showing your anger and frustration on your face, many of us fail hard. Ryan Holiday is the modern day stoic, host and author of the Daily Stoic. His passion for sharing stoicism is apparent in any one of his bestselling books. The lessons on stoicism he simplifies and makes relatable are markers for living a quality life based in courage and truth. For this episode, consider the discomfort of being courageous when the stakes are high whether it’s moral or ethical. Stop stealing time from yourself and treat your time with as much value and care as you do your physical possessions. Find time to ask yourself the hard questions and consider what an ideal day in your life looks like. “There is no deed in this life so impossible that you cannot do it. Your whole life should be lived as a heroic deed.” -Leo Tolstoy, A Calendar of Wisdom SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Ryan Holiday
0:24 | Master Courage for Success
24:10 | Master Feedback Loop & Check Your Ego
47:11 | Master These Virtues
1:22:17 | Choose the Right Drive & Goal
1:42:32 | The Secret Path to Success QUOTES: “Think about courage as very rarely the easy way and almost always the harder way.” [1:56] “The decision to quit, the decision to give up, the decision to concede that’s ultimately a power that you always have.” [4:54] “Courage is not always sexy and obvious.” [15:36] “If you’re trying to be everything for everyone and you read feedback you’re just going to get more lost.” [32:43] “If I’m going to use my emotions I want to be calm internally but projecting the emotional response that’s going to be effective in that situation, but I don’t want to be jerked around by those emotions unconsciously.” [41:28] “There’s two components to courage. There’s physical courage and moral courage, […] what those two types of courage have in common is it’s about putting your ass on the line in some way.” [58:02] “If you don’t put yourself out there you can’t feel like a piece of shit if you fall short. There’s real courage in the earnestness, in the effort in trying.” [1:03:53] “When you decide how you’re going to look at history, are you going to be inspired by the people who stepped up, or are you going to use the failures of history as an excuse to not have to try.” [1:22:02] “We protect our physical space much more than we protect our time, even though physical space can be regained and time can never be regained.” [1:25:00] “Courage is in the middle between cowardice and recklessness.” [1:43:34] “If you don’t feel fear you are not thinking.” [1:46:21] “The job of a writer, or an artist, or a thought leader, […] is to explore and articulate what they think is true and believe to be important.” [1:56:31] Follow Ryan Holiday:
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