Be More PRODUCTIVE, PRIORITIZE Your Time, and Get Things DONE!

Are you feeling you are lacking motivation or are unsure how to achieve your goals? Then head on over to There you can register and get access to a free workshop. When it comes to prioritizing your work and future success, it’s easy to get lost on the things that don't matter or don’t make a significant impact. If you’re looking to improve your prioritization then building a system that internalizes these 5 basic principles will be the right move for you regardless where you are in your journey at the moment. If you can’t prioritize effectively then becoming the best version of yourself, achieving new levels of success, and making the biggest impact in your life and in your industry will be near impossible. Take a deeper dive with these incredible guests with the full episodes:
Become a High Performer with Brendon Burchard: Hack Your Way to Success with Alex Banayan: Secret Habits of Ultra Successful with Dean Graziosi: Power of Being Lost with Kevin Kelly: How Mindset Matters with Jay Shetty: SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Prioritization
0:40 | Define Your Rules
10:02 | Deal With Uncertainty
17:29 | Protect Your Confidence
21:41 | Understand How You Learn
25:05 | Assign Meaning to Tasks QUOTES: “When people come and they say that they're having trouble making a new habit stick, the reality is they just don't want it badly enough. […] desire is a process.” Tom Bilyeu [2:13] “The first step is just opening yourself up to new experiences and new role models because most of us can't see ourselves in people. So then we try and fit ourselves into the boxes that we do see.” Jay Shetty [5:22] “Observing, focusing, shadowing, getting as close to the process of that individual, and then going yes, or no, do I want that process? Not do I want the result” Jay Shetty [7:45] “If you have a big dream, a huge goal, you got to become something entirely above and beyond any strengths you even know about, feel, or own, and go way beyond any weaknesses you've ever even addressed, or even you know about.” Brendon Burchard [12:55] “No one ever got no one ever made their dreams come true in their field of certainty.” Tom Bilyeu [14:13] “Part of learning that the people who study it understand is that a lot of it is unlearning what you already knew kind of forgetting or trying to overcome ingrained patterns of thought” Kevin Kelly [22:08] “You have to seek the love and the beauty that you want, in what you have now because that way you're training yourself to extract meaning right now.” Jay Shetty [27:44] Follow Alex Banayan: Follow Jay Shetty: Follow Brendon Burchard: Follow Dean Graziosi: Follow Kevin Kelly:

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