Awake–Aware–Conscious by Robyn Plim

When author Robyn Plim was diagnosed with a tumor at age thirty, she decided it was time to get serious with her own inner work and spiritual journey and to make some changes to her life. This was her wake-up call to healing, awareness, and a lifelong journey of exploration and inner growth. In Awake–Aware–Conscious, she narrates her personal healing journey and shares practical tools and teachings to develop and live a conscious life from the inside out. Plim tells how the goal isn’t about the destination, but the journey, creating new practices and habits. You’re here for the experience of a physical body on this earth, one that comes with emotions, feelings, thoughts, and senses you learn to navigate. Whether your goal is to be more heart centred, to heal your life, develop your inner knowing, to readdress the direction your life has taken, or all of the above, Awake–Aware–Conscious helps you find the wisdom. If you’re just starting your journey or have been traveling for a while, it speaks to you on the level you need. Plim includes a range of topics based on developing your consciousness to help you find your way in your awakening and healing. To learn more or order the book:

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