Avoid These DAILY RISK FACTORS To Prevent BRAIN INFLAMMATION! | Datis Kharrazian

My amazing and talented wife Lisa released her new book Radical Confidence, which you can order – and get the bonuses she’s created for you – at https://www.radicalconfidence.com. When you read this book, Lisa will teach you 10 No-BS Life Lessons to become the hero of your own life and take MASSIVE bold action to achieve your potential! Are you feeling you are lacking motivation or are unsure how to achieve your goals? Then head on over to https://unstuck.impacttheory.com. There you can register and get access to a free workshop. Permeable blood brain barrier and gut barrier connected to inflammation and autoimmunity diseases is enough to make anyone’s head spin. Dealing with these health conditions can be frightening and endless. Your body’s reaction to proteins and your immune response can be highly frustrating when you’re being instructed to follow “protocols” and standards of treatment. If you or someone you love has felt betrayed living a standard healthy lifestyle only to fall prey to gut issues, autoimmune disease and declining cognition, you’re not alone. Dr. Datis Kharrazian is a world-renowned functional medicine health care provider. He specializes in managing chronic diseases, autoimmunity and neurological problems. He treats his patients with non-pharmaceuticals, and is in extremely high demand from patients and other healthcare professionals wanting to learn his clinical models. In this episode, Dr. Kharrazian is addressing the flaw with medical treatments that over standardize what people are experiencing and the causes. He’s explaining why giving blanket treatments and protocols can cause patients far worse health conditions than where they started. Check out Dr. Kharrazian’s book, Why Isn’t My Brain Working: https://amzn.to/3wvDplt SHOW NOTES: 0:00 | Introduction to Datis Kharrazian
0:37 | Do You Have Leaky Brain?
4:15 | The Problem with Gluten
16:48 | How Autoimmune Disease Happens
25:37 | Avoid These Foods
32:22 | Prevent Brain Disease
39:57 | Do This To Stay Healthy
51:10 | Push Neurological Limits QUOTES: “The same inflammatory oxidative stress mechanisms that break down the gut barrier can also break down the blood brain barrier.” [2:20] “We’re all at risk for developing autoimmune disease, and the rates of autoimmune disease now exceed cancer and cardiovascular disease combined.” [20:33] “The more diverse your gut bacteria microbiome is, the more immune regulation you have, the greater tolerance you have, and things like exercise improves gut microbiome diversity.” [32:00] “I do not have a protocol. I think protocols are inefficient.” [42:09] “Stress when it’s controlled and it’s past a person’s abilities, can be devastating to the brain.” [46:35] “Whatever you can’t do, you do! That’s a simple concept of neurological rehab.” [52:24] “The brain needs stimulation, the brain needs glucose, the brain needs oxygen, that’s what it has to have to thrive.” [57:10] Follow Datis Kharazian: Website: https://drknews.com/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgTTDpIy3DrhmKiP22BOEyQ Twitter: https://twitter.com/drkharrazian Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/datiskharrazian/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/datiskharrazianpage/ Podcast: https://drknews.com/podcasts/

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