ANTI-AGING SCIENTIST: What To Eat & When To Eat To SLOW THE AGING Process | Matt Kaeberlein

Click here to download your FREE guide to 100x YOUR EFFICIENCY IN 10 EASY STEPS: RESTART your life in 7 days: On Today's Episode: You just want to look better, feel better, have bigger muscles, tighter skin, and a sexier body you can enjoy and be proud of. The information and narratives floating around on how to achieve that are all over the place, and understanding how to discern what the takeaway action is going to be for you to achieve results is really what you need. Matt Kaeberlein, Director of the Biological Mechanisms of Healthy Aging Training Program, and founder and co-Director of the Dog Aging Project, is a biologist best known for his research on evolutionarily conserved mechanisms of aging. When you’re doing your own research into what things you can be doing to optimize your health and lifespan, Matt warns that you’ll need to be careful of research studies with narratives that lean one-sided. Some of the key ideas Matt and Tom discuss in this episode around anti-aging that will perk up your ears are:
Why Matt calls BS on “Reverse-Aging”
What the drug Rapamycin has the potential to do for long term health
What metrics should we be measuring for good health and anti-aging With all the years of experience from Matt Kaeberlein as a biologist specializing in anti-aging, he confirms that exercise and nutrition are as effective as exogenous drugs such as Rapamycin. Are we busy trying to create complicated solutions to anti-aging, longevity and health that plain old boring nutrition and exercise can take care of already? Check out Matt Kaeberlein’s Dog Aging Project: QUOTES: “We know things like rapamycin, […] can reverse some of the functional declines that go along with aging.” “I’m not so sure that exercise and nutrition are fundamentally different from rapamycin. Exercise hits the hallmarks of aging, it affects biological aging.” Follow Matt Kaeberlein: Website: Twitter: Instagram:

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