Alchemist V by Jack Groverland

Alchemist V is a novel that reveals the true identity of V and his amazing powers. It is a story of intrigue, suspense and paranormal mystery, with a touch of wry humor. It involves a priest who has lost his faith, a Hollywood actor on the verge of stardom, a millennial girl in search of life’s meaning, an old detective who is both cunning and senile, and the Alchemist V who has been alive since the ninth century, living in stolen bodies down through the ages. The chance meeting of these characters and their subsequent relationships result in mayhem, lust, murder, love and transcendental magic. You will be shocked over and over again as you try to anticipate what will happen next in this wonderfully twisted thriller about people trying to hold on to their views of reality. Your own views will be seriously challenged by V. To learn more or order the book: Facebook:

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