ADAPT OR DIE: How To Stop Being WEAK & Become A 1% Man | Tom Bilyeu

FREE! "10 Steps to Beast-mode Your Business": I’ve built a billion dollar company and for as much success as I’ve seen in my life, I’ve seen triple the amount of failures. When it comes to doing hard things, getting absolutely and totally obsessed with what I am after and doing so with unrelenting focus day after day, I can outlast and outperform anyone. You’re not going to achieve this level of success being weak and not absolutely sure about what you want to accomplish. Because I’ve been to the other side of the rainbow, I can tell you the pot of gold you’re after isn’t worth anything if you don’t prioritize chasing fulfillment first. If you want to get ahead of the 99% of people that say they want to succeed but never actually do anything to succeed this episode is the juice you need to: – Become mentally tougher. You’re going to adapt or die
– Say f*ck goals, learn how to want it bad enough to do what it takes on the days it sucks
– Avoid habits that stand between you and the good life QUOTES: “Go at it like a freak of nature.” “You are average, but you can get better. Go f*cking learn.” “When you go that hard everything will relent to your superior will.” “The most terrifying thing about excuses it that they are valid.” “I’m not smarter than the average person, but man, I am way harder to break.” “It’s right when it moves you towards your goals and it’s wrong when it moves you away.” “You need a maniacal focus, you need to be lasered in on one thing and you do it to the abstraction of everything else and you do it obsessively to the point where everything else in your life ideally is falling apart…” Follow Tom Bilyeu:
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