99% Of People Watching This Will Stay Broke – Will You Be The 1% That Builds Wealth? | Morgan Housel

Reclaim Control of Your Life Today: https://bit.ly/3PIdAH2 Head over to https://bit.ly/AnthrosImpact and get $200 off the office chair that promises to be the world's most comfortable sitting experience. In a chaotic world where the likelihood of you dying broke is a stark reality, making money isn't about being smart, it’s about avoiding stupidity. Trapped by the rat race of life with no end in sight means that this episode is for you. By the end of our conversation, I really want you to know how to beat the odds and secure your financial future. I have the privilege of hosting Morgan Housel, renowned author and financial behaviorist, best known for his insightful perspectives on personal finance, wealth creation, and his bestselling book, The Psychology of Money. He joins me for a rich conversation about his distilled insights into a simple yet powerful formula for wealth building that could reset your financial insecurity. Our conversation isn’t just about wealth creation, it’s about understanding your desires, abilities, and risk tolerance – the core elements of Housel’s wealth creation formula. He makes navigating the non-intuitive world of compounding interest possible with easy to digest principles. The greatest irony? We all crave autonomy, yet we seek explicit directions to achieve it. The journey to wealth is straightforward yet polluted with cultural expectations and envy – two formidable obstacles that most find impossible to overcome. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and it begins with understanding and applying these principles. Let's embark on this journey together! Check out Morgan’s latest book, Same As Ever, A Guide to What Never Changes: https://www.amazon.com/Same-Ever-Guide-Never-Changes/dp/0593332709 Chapter Markers:
[00:00] Don’t Die Broke
[00:27] The Warren Buffett Secret
[10:29] Exposing Expectations & Envy
[24:27] Incentivized Ruin Or Riches
[39:52] Scared Rich Or Tortured
[44:28] Emotions Don’t Build Wealth
[57:33] Duplicating Success Stops Here
[1:12:54] Change Is Possible, But Trauma…
[1:29:21] First Time Home Buyer Cliff
[1:38:24] Your Game Play for a Recession
[1:48:54] Psychology of “Enough”
[2:02:10] A Fragile Chaotic World
[2:17:03] 2 Things To Navigate The Chaos Morgan Housel Quotes: “One of the most dangerous things you can do is take your cues and get your advice from people who are playing a different game than you are.” “Average returns sustained for an above average amount of time will lead to magic, […] If you can just be average for 20 or 30 years you’re going to end up in the top 2% of investors.” “The reason there is opportunity in investment markets is because most people are doing it wrong.” “Every dollar of saving that you have is a piece of your future that you own, […] and you can flip that around and say that every dollar of debt that you have is a piece of your future that somebody else owns.” “For a lot of people their income has doubled but their expectations have tripled and they feel worse off.” “If your expectations grow with your prosperity, you’ll never be happy.” “Bad financial behavior has always existed, and I think it will always exist because of the natural human emotions of envy and wanting to one up your neighbor and rising expectations. “They wake up every morning and they're terrified. They have this big goal that they need to meet. They have this audacious thing they're trying to accomplish and they're not there yet, […] every day they wake up, tortured.” Follow Morgan Housel
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